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Weekly Bitz: Success on Social Media and The 3 Most Common Lead Types

Below is the roundup of some of this week’s MarketingBitz articles and blogs. MarketingBitz publishes digital marketing articles, videos and slideshows written to address the needs of small businesses.

Stop Stressing and Start Finding Success on Social Media (February 17, 2017)
Search Influence: “Today, the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have become giants in the marketing industry, not only giving businesses huge amounts of data about their customers, but also opening up direct and mostly free channels for customer communication. If all of this social media stuff makes you feel overwhelmed and unsure how to jump on the boat to better your business, I'm here to tell you to stop stressing and look no further. Up your social media game by simply following these four easy tips.”

The 3 Most Common Lead Types and Their Results (February 16, 2017)
Goodzer: “Leads-based advertising is an ever-increasing, valuable form of marketing, particularly for small businesses on a limited budget. By paying only for leads, you can directly tie your advertising results to how much you are paying for that prospect – and determine whether or not the advertising campaign is ultimately profitable to you. Of course, the quality of those leads can vary significantly, and there are several different types of leads you can purchase. Here, we’ll cover the three most common types and talk about what kind of results you should expect with each.”

How to Make the Most of Search Marketing with a Limited Budget (February 15, 2017)
Mediative: “As search continues to get more and more personalized and localized, small businesses need to appear for key search terms when people are looking for them. But big businesses are also working to connect with local consumers, and they have budgets to outpace any competition. Ready to give up? Don’t! As a key part of the community, local businesses have a much better chance of connecting with people than a bigger company with less of a local footprint. When dealing with aggressive competition, here are five search strategies a local business can use to best big business.”

7 Tips to Take Advantage of Valentine’s Day on Social Media (February 14, 2017)
NFIB: “Nearly any small business topic can be spun to fit Valentine’s Day. As Valentine’s Day approaches, take these steps to leverage it in your own social media marketing campaign.”

8 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Facebook Advertising (February 13, 2017)
Vivial: “Facebook is more than a place to post your content and answer customer service questions. It also acts as a powerful ad platform that’s capable of helping your small business meet advertising goals. Whether you want to build your brand awareness or overcome the last few sales objections to convert customers, Facebook advertising is the resource you need.”

Becky Harris

Contributed By: Becky Harris

Becky Harris is a content marketing specialist at the Local Search Association.


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