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MarketingBitz Bootcamp
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  • "Very informative. The vendors and people who have spoken know what they are talking about."

    – Whitney

  • "The day was full of excellent, engaging speakers sharing valuable insights. I highly recommend."

    – Roger

  • "I loved the event!  The networking was great, and it was FULL of valuable information.  I would highly recommend."

    – Chelsea

  • "The amount of money I invested today is nothing compared to the amount that I learned."

    – Nothy

  • "Every business owner should be there or send someone."

    – Ted

  • "The event was amazing!"

    – Tam

  • "This was a great event! There was good information and whoever organized it had their act together, in my book."

    – Sandra

  • "The digital marketing bootcamp has been a great platform for me to learn and to make contacts for the future."

    – Philip

What You'll Learn

  • Developing a Successful Digital Strategy
  • Boosting Your Online Visibility
  • Managing Your Online Reputation
  • Paid and Organic Social Media Strategies
  • Email Marketing and Your Customer List
  • How to Build a Loyal Customer Base

What You'll Get

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Coffee Breaks
  • Networking Opportunities
  • 1-on-1 Time with Digital Marketing Experts
  • Free Giveaways From Event Sponsors

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