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LSA Certification

On average, small businesses receive 24 sales calls each month from someone trying to sell them advertising or marketing services. In many cases these sales reps make lofty or misleading claims. As a result, business owners don’t know which marketing providers they can trust.

This is why the Local Search Association (LSA) created the LSA Certification Program. This initiative evaluates and verifies the business practices of marketing providers. Companies that are “LSA Certified” have passed a rigorous review process and are deemed trustworthy by the LSA.

What does LSA Certification evaluate?

  • Sales practices and representations made to prospective clients
  • Service standards and accountability
  • Hiring and training practices
  • Service agreements and contracts
  • Transparency
  • Security and privacy of information

To see which companies are certified, visit the Marketing Provider Directory and look for the “LSA Certified” badge. For more information about the program, click here.