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Ratings & Reviews

According to a recent study, ratings and reviews are the third most trusted form of advertising among consumers behind recommendations from friends and family and company websites. Because of this, search engines have made ratings and reviews an important factor for search engine ranking.

The challenge faced by small businesses is two-fold: getting customers to write reviews and addressing negative customer feedback. Dedicating time and energy into addressing these challenges can provide a variety of benefits including a better overall perceived reputation and an improved search engine ranking for your business.

While many small businesses neglect this part of their business in fear of negative reviews, most reviews are actually positive (78% are 3 star or better on Yelp). One marketing provider believes strongly that most of your customers fall in the “happy silent majority.” In other words, most of your customers aren’t reviewing your business, but if they were you would likely see positive feedback overall.

Quick Tips

  • Ask your customers to review your business
  • Consider emailing recent customers with a link to review your business
  • Claim a listing on major ratings and review sites (Yelp, Angie’s List, YP.com, etc.) and track customer feedback
  • Respond to negative feedback by crafting a thoughtful, honest and considerate response (remember that what is posted on the internet can live forever and may be shared widely)

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