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  • Matt Fisher

    Graphic Designer

    Matt created the look-and-feel of MarketingBitz.com and manages all of the Local Search Association’s (LSA) graphic design work. He is a graduate of the College of Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit and is looking for ways to improve the functionality and user experience of MarketingBitz.

    Interests: Cats, dad jokes, Devo and artsy stuff.

  • Becky Harris


    Becky is the MarketingBitz Editor-in-Chief, responsible for the content that gets posted on the site and on the MarketingBitz Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. She writes for the site and is constantly looking for the latest tips, tactics and advice that can help small businesses more effectively market themselves online.

    Interests: Superheroes, running, thinking about buying a banjo, and trying pretty much anything once but not always twice (e.g. beet juice smoothies).

  • Kevin Kalinowski

    Business Development & Partnerships

    Kevin is looking for organizations that want to get more involved with MarketingBitz. Whether interested in participating in the LSA Bootcamp event, contributing content, or helping spread the word to small businesses about the site, Kevin is the person you want to speak to.

    Interests: Traveling, mixing and mingling, Banana Republic and “killing it” at life.

  • Joe Morsello

    Strategy & Branding

    Joe guided the creation and development of the MarketingBitz brand and website and he contributes articles to the site. He is responsible for driving more awareness of the site and hopes to get more small businesses engaged with the content (articles, webinars, events, etc.).

    Interests: Bird lunches (berries, seeds), hiking, doggy dad-ing and things like Lester’s Fixins soda.

  • Greg Sterling

    Industry Expert

    Greg created and continues to lead the LSA Bootcamp series and MarketingBitz is the child of these live events. He is a well-known voice in the local marketing industry and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, USA Today, Forbes, Small Business Trends, AdExchanger. He also blogs for Search Engine Land.

    Interests: Obscure historical information, 70s music, supernatural police dramas, existential thinking and, of course, coffee.