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Web Presence

Your business’s web presence can be loosely defined as any website that displays information about your business. In addition to your business website, this includes Yelp, Facebook, Google and many others. However, it is the website that is foundational to every small business’s web presence, and is often referred to as the “digital storefront.”

For the most part, consumers trust these websites. A recent study found that 70% of consumers say they completely or somewhat trust brand websites. Despite this, many small businesses, particularly sole-proprietors, still don’t have a website.

Those small busineses that do have a website, over half are not “mobile-friendly.” This is important because a recent study found that around 45% of mobile users will stop considering a business if the business provides a poor mobile website experience.

Since there are a potentially large number of websites that may feature your business information, managing your presence on all of these sites is important for a variety of reasons that we discuss briefly on the search engine optimization (SEO) page. But before developing a presence on these sites, start with your own website.

Quick Tips

  • Invest in a website and make sure it is developed to be “mobile-friendly”
  • Prominently display your hours of operation, phone number and location on the homepage of your website
  • Feature pictures of your business, staff, products, portfolio of work, etc. on your website

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