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Turning Online Traffic Into Paying Customers

Turning Offline Traffic Into Paying Customers

Maybe you’ve got a Facebook page or regularly post blog articles to your website, but how can you give yourself the best chance to turn every online visitor into a real customer? In this webinar, Robert Ravensbergen of Agendize will teach you how to use tools that engage customers and create the real interactions like calls, chats, appointments and more to drive your business' growth.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why customer engagement can help you make the most of everything you do online
  • What tools a majority of your customers are starting to expect from your business
  • To understand your complete customer histories and customize how you connect with them
  • How to enhance loyalty and engagement with email and sms marketing, easy followups and feedback
  • Find out how you can get up to 40% more appointments by letting customers book online, 24/7

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